Red Fox Diner

Today's Special Features

Today's Features: Tuesday, Dec 7

Homemade Soups: Chicken Noodle, Italian Wedding & Roasted Red Pepper w/ Chicken


1)   Red Fox Chicken                 $12

     Grilled chicken breast, BBQ sauce,

    Tomatoes, red onions, bacon & cheddar

    cheese        Served with one side dish


2)  Pastrami Rachel Melt            $11.5

     Pastrami with Swiss cheese & cole

    slaw on grilled rye bread with 1000

    Island dressing on the side

    Served with one side dish


3)Greek Gyro Salad                   $11.

    Mixed salad greens tossed w/Greek

    dressing & topped with red onions,

    green peppers, kalamata olives,

    tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese

    & Greek gyro meat


4Blue Moon Burger                  $11.

      Our ½ lb hand packed burger topped

    With grilled mushrooms & blue cheese

    Crumbles    Served with one side dish

Red Fox Diner

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